5 Hot Tips for a Sexier New Year!

Ring in the New Year with a completely revamped love life and show off your boosted bedroom skills! If you have wanted to switch things up in terms of sex, the new year makes a great starting point in becoming more confident and adventurous and Sexier New Year!

Of course, no one knows everything there is to know about sex, but we care to make sure you are on the right track. That said, in this blog and the next, let’s discuss 5 new sex tips to help you sex things up.

Sexier New Year: Put Your Body to Work!

While for you penetrative sex is the best way to reach an orgasm, things differ with the ladies. Namely, most women reach orgasms not through penetration, but through oral sex and manual masturbation. So, if you want to make your babe happy, focus on using your hands and lips more than usual.

Avoid Routine!

Sex should be all about enjoyment, experimenting and feeling good. As much as you love it, once sex becomes a routine, it can easily bore you and your partner. Because of that, begin the year with something out of the ordinary (say, a light BDSM play) and let the sex newness take over.

Sexier New Year: Bedroom, Who?

Although for many the bedroom is the best idea as far as sex is concerned, the bed alone will not do. If you want to get a whole new take on sex, step out of your comfort zone and into the shower, your car, in a hidden ally and else where! Public sex is quite exciting to do again and again, but if your partner is timider, take things to the kitchen, basement or garage.

Share Hot Content!

Just like you enjoy sending memes to your friends, you should definitely enjoy spending naughty inspiration to your partner. A more comfortable variation of sexting, sending a hot movie scene link, or an excerpt from a dirty book can really heat things up in bed. You know how much the ladies live their erotica, right?

Sexier New Year: Not in Charge!

It is known that men tend to initiate sex more often than women. However, if you want to have really good sex, let your partner initiate from time to time. Write up a number of times you are prepared to initiate sex and have your partner do the same. A little advice, you should always let your woman take over the PMS days.

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