5 Erotic Games to Spice up Your Christmas Fun! (vol. 2)

Spice up Your Christmas celebrations times and times more special by finding bringing your sexy mojo back!

For all those who are keen on finding new ways to reach erotic pleasure, there are plenty of hot games you can try just in time for Christmas. Continuing our list of the hottest Christmas games you can play, here are 5 ideas to experiment with.

Spice up Your Christmas: The Fireplace!

Getting cozy in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine by your side is an ideal Christmas scenario for eager lovers. Arrange a hot little setting right in front of your fireplace- place a soft quilt on the floor, light up some candles and let the sounds of cracking wood ignite a fire inside you as well!

Take this alone time to get in the nude, explore your bodies, try an erotic massage or play a guessing sex game…Guess what I’m thinking right now?

Still Snow Angels

Replicate a snow angel in your bed and tie up your lady at the hands and feet. Now that you have full access and liberty to explore, start slowly. While arousing her nipples, clitoris, and thighs, stop what you are doing with each movement of her hands or legs. Yes, you want to make sure she is completely still as her orgasm comes in full force. And then, switch places and get ready to be pleasured all the way.

Spice up Your Christmas: A Holiday Quickie!

With family coming and going out of your home during Christmas, it can be difficult to find time to get sexy. Because of that, play a simple game where you text your partner to meet you in the garage/bathroom/car or wardrobe and give yourself 5 minutes tops for a mind-blowing quickie.

Exciting and stimulating, getting it on in a house full of people can be just the Christmas treat you need- but make sure you are not caught in action.

Scavenger Hunt

A week before Christmas, start leaving small notes and hints around the house for your partner. If you have bought her a sexy gift, let her guess what it is through your notes only. Another take on the game is to make your notes into instructions and have your partner do something sexy for the day, thus preparing her for the main show on Christmas day.

From masturbation to wearing no panties all day, the ways to control your partner’s pleasure will result in a body-shattering sex just in time for Christmas.

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