5 Sex Taboos We Should Definitely Outgrow!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that sex has long been considered sinful, forbidden and conservative. Luckily, the sexual revolution had always been hanging in the air. Today, the curiosity to dig deeper into sexual pleasures has allowed us to view sexuality and its taboos in a whole new light.

What was considered a sexual taboo just decades ago, now represents a completely normal way of understanding sex. The truth is, everyone wants to experiment in the bedroom and why shouldn’t you? Sex is all about having fun, bringing something new to the table and exploring its limits.

Below, we list 5 common sex taboos we should get over already!

Women Making the First Move!

For years on end, it seemed as though women were not ‘allowed’ to make the first move without being perceived and promiscuous. However, from today’s standpoint (and thank God!), women have acquired whole new liberty in pursuing men.

Despite multiple popular opinions (even still!), there is absolutely nothing wrong with women making the first move, even if it is just for a casual hangout. And believe it or not, all men enjoy being swept off their feet from time to time.

Sex Taboos: Age!

Formerly, many believed that for sex to be great, the man has to be older than the woman, or at least her peer. Naturally, this put plenty of boundaries around the idea of women dating younger men or even older women dating, period.

As sex revolutionized, fortunately, so did the issue of age, leaving shyness and embarrassment to the side and giving women the chance to find exactly what they’re looking for in every generation.

And look how well that turned out, especially sex-wise!


Exclusive heterosexuality has to be one of the most absurd concepts in terms of sex. Despite the designed idea that all men and women are born ‘straight’, there is a whole different concept on sexual orientation- and a normal one, too!

I mean, wouldn’t sex be quite dull if bisexuality wasn’t an option? Exactly.

Sex Taboos: No Orgasm Sex!

This taboo has dragged on for decades before men and women finally understood that quality sex doesn’t have to do end in an orgasm.

From emotional issues to simply having a bad day, there are many ways for your orgasm to fail you, and no one is to blame! Believe it or not, sex can be equally enjoyed whether an orgasm is a side-effect of it or not.

Multiple Partners!

The idea of a relationship used to have many people feeling desperate about not finding the right one! As the years went by, however, the concept of multi-dating has become more and more accepted.

In return, this allowed thousands of men and women who are not looking for exclusive attachment to experiment with sexuality, and with more than one partner, too.

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