How to Turn Grapefruit into Your Hottest Sex Toy?

Good sex comes from plenty of liberation, open-mindedness and apparently, fruit. While bananas and whip-creamed strawberries might come to your mind first, grapefruit can be much more exhilarating to experiment with.

Did you know that aside from its extravagant taste, grapefruit can be a superb play toy in the bedroom, too?

Just when you thought that blowjobs and penetration do not go well together, grapefruit comes along to spice things up. Natural, safe to use and offering great texture and structure, here is how to pull off a steamy grapefruit blowjob.

Finding the Ideal Fruit

Choosing a perfect grapefruit for your naughty games is all about ripeness and structure. Ideally, you’d want to choose an unpeeled grapefruit that has been kept at room temperature. The best grapefruit variety to go for is Ruby Red, as it is sweeter more than it’s acidic. 


To prepare the fruit for ‘bed’, roll it against a hard surface for a minute, thus softening its insides. This way, the grapefruit will become more similar-feeling to a real vagina. Proceed with cutting both ends of the fruit off, and continue slicing until you get a thick wheel shape.

Take out parts of the middle of the grapefruit, just enough for your penis to fit inside it. 

Wear a Blindfold

Most of the grapefruit work will be done by your partner, so to enjoy it right, we warmly advise you to wear a blindfold. Not only a blindfold puts your senses on edge, but it also helps your fantasy grow as you move.

First Steps

When it comes to the blowjob part, it is best your partner begins slow, aiming for a hard erection. Once there, she can continue to place the grapefruit onto your penis, dragging its surface down your length. To avoid dripping and staining, it is best to place a towel beneath the ‘action’.


Once the slice of grapefruit is locked in place, your partner continues with the blowjob, while simultaneously dragging the fruit up and down your length. If you crave extra stimulation, instruct your partner to mix things up. Circular motion long drags and sudden pull-backs can really create the dynamics of real sex.

In the meantime, her lips work the head of your penis, thus creating an unbelievably hot sensation.

Depending on your preference, the blowjob can include anything from sucking, teeth and tongue, enhanced by the suave movement of the grapefruit against your skin.



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