The Pros and Cons of Entering Polyamorous Relationship!

By definition, a polyamorous relationship represents having emotional, sexual, and personal relationships with more people simultaneously. Additionally, a polyamorous relationship entails that all parties are in consent with the nature of the relationship.

While not the most orthodox of scenarios, you’d be surprised to learn just how many couples actually benefit from it. Aside from being completely out there, the idea of having parallel relationships is not as farfetched as it seems.

In terms of sexual and emotional liberation, a polyamorous bond can be quite fruitful, but also complicated. Even if you are just curious about the subject, let’s learn more about the pros and cons of polyamory.

The Advantages

The two pillars of a successful polyamorous relationship are certainly communication and honesty. By honesty, we mean being transparent and bouncing concepts off each other. When in a polyamorous relationship, you have the privilege to debate what works, what doesn’t, and what could work in the future.

Thankfully, what also makes a polyamorous relationship work is setting up rules and boundaries. And while you might start small, a relationship of this sort demands you really think things through. From scheduling, to do’s and don’t in bed, the more discussion you put into it, the greater the effect.

Probably one of the greatest pros of engaging in this type of relationship is the curiosity it brings. Exhilarating and new, a polyamorous relationship can boost your own relationship, especially if your partner is explorative as you.

The Disadvantages

Just like the sweet, the sour part of polyamorous relationships is also worth the mention. For one, having multiple relationships at the same time can cost you finding emotional balance and ripeness. Once the emotions are disrupted, the intimacy crashes as well.

Then, there’s the jealousy issue, which some partners say they have no problem with, but later on, they somehow do. Sacrifice plays another factor in throwing shade on polyamorous relationships, as it takes a lot of work to sure everyone’s happy. Also, with a new partner, you’ll likely miss out on the intimacy in your ‘original’ bed, or put in less effort, to the least.

Polyamorous relationships are not the same as threesomes, because they do constitute bring in your emotions. It is interesting to see how much one emotional escalation can hurt this scenario, so if you’re not in control of your heart, simply don’t do this. 

Is it a good fix? We’ll let you decide for yourselves. But, one thing is certain, though. It is definitely fun.

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