Morning Bliss: Tips on Spending the Night with Your Escort

Overnight stays are one of the most fulfilling services you can use with an escort. Namely, overnight stays ensure you have a nice night out in town with your date, and then continue the party in the privacy of your home or hotel.

Nevertheless, while staying over with an escort for the night is exciting, the morning after might feel unusual or awkward.

Well, that is why we are here to clear the air and help you spend a delightful date from start to finish!

Here are several tips on making your morning with an escort as exciting as the rest of your date! 

Get Intimate

Many escorts enjoy nightly fun in the bedroom as much as morning trysts. Therefore, if your escort is up for it, why not get sweaty and busy as soon as you wake up? Morning sex has its fair share of advantages and if you are tired from your bed, you can always hit the shower.

Talk over Breakfast

Although breakfast is not a must when having an escort over, it is a gentleman’s thing to offer. Talking over breakfast will help you leave your date on a good note and part ways more naturally and spontaneously. Plus,  you can exchange opinions, reminisce, or even decide to see each other again!

Get a Morning Massage

If you are staying in a hotel room, invite your escort to a quick massage at the spa. Especially if you missed dinner the night before, make sure you leave room for a morning at the spa and relax before parting ways.

Don’t Make Promises

Morning or not, the good thing about dating an escort is that you don’t have to do the ‘goodbye’ speech. That said, keep your conversations and mood light and breezy, and don’t feel obligated to promise a second date.

Step Out for a Coffee

Hotel breakfast is not your thing? No worries, you can still make time for your escort in the morning and head to a café for a cup of coffee. Again, you are not obliged to do all these things, but they come in handy when you had fun the night before and want to do something special for your date.

Tip Well

Before saying goodbye to your escort date, don’t forget to tip her and tip her well! Tipping your escort will guarantee you a certain comeback with that date, and you will earn a good ‘tipping’ name for when you want to date other escorts.

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