How to Prepare for a Hot Home Escort Date?

Booking an escort date is all about enjoying a top-notch company with great discretion, pleasure, and reliability. Sometimes, a dinner or pub date might sound like a good idea. Other times, clients prefer to keep their date behind closed doors and enjoy some quality time with their escort.

If you belong to the latter, you know that making a fine space out of your home can do wonders for your date. Here are several effective tips to help you set just the right mood for your home escort date. 

1. Lights

If you are expecting steamy moments and sparks throughout your date you can enhance the ambiance with lights. Playing with light can create a plethora of moods, so don’t be afraid to experiment with seductive and sensual settings and dimming. Great lighting is always good to feel and look your best, all the while enjoying the nice visual of your shadows dancing all around the walls. If you don’t have the right lighting, you can always set the tone by using some candles or even get creative with your Christmas lights. 

2.Adjust Mirrors For Your Home Escort Date!

If you have a place for a mirror in your bedroom we highly suggest you use it during your escort date. Mirrors are a great way to see yourself as you get swiped away by passion itself; so let your reflections get you the desired sexy effect. If you have a mirror elsewhere in your home, well, you can take your fun to other rooms of your house, and I’ll bet you enjoy it, too.

3. Scents

Again, candles are a great way to play with scents and aromas; and we advise you always go with something smooth and elegant. Aside from candles, food, too, can be an arouser of your senses, so you can either order in, or you can show off your culinary skills for your date! Scents are ideal when you want to relax and feel good around your escort; so feel free to use anything from essential oils to bubble bath scents!

4. Stock Up For Home Escort Date!

Keeping your nightstand drawer stocked with sexy goodies is always a gentleman’s habit, so never go unprepared. For your escort date, make sure you have everything you need ahead of time; including a great lubricant, a sex toy of sorts, mints, condoms, and a pack of wipes. 

5. Make the Most of It!

Being creative in your own home might be unusual for you. However, your escort date would be happy to help you turn up the mood, so why not get innovative together?


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