4 Reasons First-Date Sex Is the Best!

Having sex on the first date seems to be a fantasy of many men looking for something spontaneous. When dating, first-date sex can still be a taboo; but if you date an escort, your after-hour fun can be pre-agreed.

Here are 4 convincing reasons why sex on the first date is always a favorite!

1. First-Date Sex: Tension Relief!

If your dinner date takes you to the bedroom right after, you can count on some spontaneous stress release. Sometimes, if you have the jitters about your date; ending it on a sexy note can work those nerves to your benefit. Exciting in all regards, having sex on the first date will put you on edge in all the right ways.

Of course, if you want to end up the night rustling between the sheets; you should set up the tone for a great date as well.

2. You Don’t Bother with Chemistry!

When you date for a couple of times and waiting for that first-time sex, you can get overthink how good or bad it will be. However, you can easily solve the dilemma and answer your chemistry questions by getting sexy on your first date. Sometimes, that is the only way sex can be- free, without any expectations, and just for the kick of it. No, you don’t have to have everything pre-planned, at times you just have to go for it.

3. First-Date Sex: Truest Self!

They say people are at their most primal during sex. But even so, sometimes you plan for your experience and sort of know how you are going to be in bed. That said, when you have first-date sex, you really go blind into the experience. In many ways; that can be super-fun to do and will leave you lost of room to express yourself sexually without any concerns.

One of the reasons sex is such a beloved practice is unpredictability, so if your date is just as interested in something ‘salty’ as you, why not just let it happen?

4. You Live In the Moment!

And that can be very sexy to you and the woman in your bed. Being free in a sexual way is not always a privilege you’ll have; so make the most of it when the opportunity presents itself. Living in the moment and being adventurous can make you a better; more eager lover, so you’ll be doing your date justice with your moves.

You don’t have to think about sex ahead of time, you don’t have to expect it- you just have to let the flow swipe you away.

Source: Escort Centre

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