Reviewing Top Escort Services: Business Dates, Overnights, and Duo Bookings

For businessmen, clients who want to spend more time with an escort, and those who want to double their pleasure and experience, many escort centres offer designated services to meet their needs. Read on as we review the top 3 related services that clients can book with an escort professional.

Business Escort Services

A stellar escort service that clients love is business escort bookings. With this arrangement, the service allows you to combine business with pleasure, and have your escort with you anywhere your business is. For instance, if you are often travelling to a certain location for business, you can find a regular escort who can keep you company while there. If you don't like the hassle of booking all over again whenever you set out for business, you can combine the business service with the travel service and take your escort along for the ride - or flight.

Nationally or internationally, many business escorts are willing to accompany their clients wherever they need to go. And finally, business escorts can be arranged when you have a business function to attend and want to show up with someone special.


Overnight escort services are one of the most fulfilling services the world of companions has to offer. In this scenario, the client somewhat books an extended outcall date and can stay with his escort at a private location for the entire night, and until the morning. Overnight stays can also be related to any other escort services, like a dinner date, which will be followed by a stay-in for the entire evening.

Overnights typically take place at a private hotel, the client's home, or another private accommodation. The service can be part of the GFE service as well, or any other private service you want to book, like couple's escort services. Overnight escort services are best booked in advance, and based on the escort's availability, can also include a morning activity, like having breakfast together or sharing a cup of coffee.

Duo Escort Services

Here is a service that is dedicated only to the most curious and adventurous of clients. Duo escort services are a scenario in which the client will meet two escorts at the same time and spend an entire date with them - be it for a couple of hours or as part of a longer booking, like an overnight.

Although two escorts are included in the dual service, the client cannot choose just any two escorts he likes. Usually, escort centres will have created escort pairings that provide the service together. These duos are familiar with working with one another, experienced in providing pleasure and companionship, and super-professional as well.