Reasons Why Clients Prefer Escorts to Tinder Matches

When looking to date off the hook, or for the fun of the experience, many clients will choose escorts before a Tinder date. Although Tinder has become a leading dating platform, the ordinary date factor still plays a great role in the scenario, which is not the case when dating escorts. Here are some of the main reasons why clients choose escorts for a date, rather than a Tinder match.

No Surprises Regarding Who You are Meeting

Unlike Tinder, where you find somewhat of a match and have their mini-bio to read (which cannot be always trusted), and only one photo to go with it, escorting offers all information on your date that you need. Aside from verified photos, which you can browse through whenever you want, you will also know just how old the escort is, what personality traits she has, the services she offers, and specifics about her that you wouldn't find out when meeting a regular date.

Your Type, and More

Whilst Tinder is designed to find your ‘match', it actually does this more on physical aspects, without having a matchmaking ability based on personality or chemistry. Well, when dating an escort, you will have the perfect date type to consider, alongside a variety of other specified types that you might find out you actually like. Aside from being your physical or generational match, an escort will always be a match in terms of fulfilling your needs, making you feel supported and comfortable, and keeping you entertained and engaged.

Expectations are Clear & Known

Meeting an escort entails that the client knows what he can look forward to on that date,

which is not the case with Tinder dates, where expectations go both ways and should be met both ways as well. An escort will expect the basics from a client - great hygiene, superb attitude, polished manners, and open-mindedness. As for your expectations, they will be discussed and agreed upon ahead of your date, so you won't have to make things awkward by suggesting something unexpected.

No Experience, No Judgment

Meeting with an escort requires no experience on the client's behalf and includes no judgment from the escort herself. Unlike Tinder dates, where experience in dating is highly valued both ways, and where judgment can happen -like it or not - with an escort, clients feel safer and more open to sharing their ideas and not meet their date's raised eyebrow.

Always Discreet and Attachment-Free

A superb advantage that dating escorts has over dating a Tinder match is discretion. Namely, when dating an escort, the experience automatically includes the utmost privacy and discretion for clients, regardless of the place, time or the nature of the date. No jealousy, emotional bonds and promises are also great additions that clients enjoy when meeting escorts casually - and which does not happen as often when meeting your regular Tinder date.