Things Women Want You to Ask Them about Sex?

With great sex comes a great responsibility of keeping yourself and your partner happy. It is no secret that women oftentimes don’t articulate their desires in bed. But, that doesn’t actually mean they have none.

So what are the dirty little secrets every woman would want you to ask her about?

Below are 4 questions every woman would like you to ask them about sex.

Ask Them about Sex: What Do You Want to Try?

For some reason, it is thought that women don’t have preferences when it comes to sex. However, that is both untrue and sort of disrespectful to assume. Yes, you might think about all your favorite poses and fantasies, but just like you do, so does your partner.

To unravel her most hidden layers of pleasure, a simple question about it can do you justice. Whether you are debating on a sex position, a fantasy or a fetish, trying what your partner craves can be lots of fun.

Can You Do That Thing..?

Ah yes, women like to be complimented for their sexy moves, so if there’s one you particularly like, suggest a redo next time you’re in bed together. This kink can be anything you find intriguing- from a thorough oral play to blindfolding and hey, even spanking.

You know what you really like when she’s around you, so don’t hesitate to ask for it. Not only will you show your partner that she made you remember her sexy moves, but you will also get yourself the pleasure of doing it all over again.

Ask Them about Sex: How Do You Want It?

Yes, we are talking about sex. Asking your partner what kind of sex she has in mind for the night can be a jackpot for your activities ahead. Women enjoy all sorts of sex, from soft and vanilla to kinky and hardcore. However, not every sexual rendezvous brings along the same pace.

So, instead of contemplating whether she wants the cuffs or the candles, you can be straightforward and ask her.

Where Do You Want to Do It?

Together with the how’s also come the where’s, which is an important and very sexy question to ask. Apart from your bed, your partner has likely sparked interest in changing up locations.

Interestingly, women are very keen on hidden public places and oftentimes imagine all sorts of sexual activities in the water, on the beach, inside a winter cabin, and out in the snow for that matter. Go on then, ask her.

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