6 Sex Positions in Your Car!

There is so much more to sex than the bedroom. Cars, for instance, make a pretty amazing option for naughty playtime. Safe, private and yet right out in the open, car sex is ideal for all couples who like to switch things up for time to time.

However, car sex can be trickier than you think, especially in managing to find the room and the ideal position for your adventure. Today, we’ll save you the trouble of experimenting, and offer 6 great Sex Positions in Your Car!

Sex Positions in Your Car: Missionary!

Although it probably would be an improvised version of it, the missionary position lets you get comfortable in the back seat. If there’s a room issue, you can always pop one of your partner’s legs on your shoulder, or kneel instead of stretching your legs.


The sexy spooning position is ideal for intimacy in the back seat of your car. In this position, the man leans against the seat with the woman stretched out in front of him, her back to his face. If you want, you can also do the face-to-face position, ideally taking one of your partner’s legs over your hip.

Sex Positions in Your Car: Up in the Air!

Here, the woman lies on her back, while her butt is half lifted in the air, her legs pressed together. The man comes into a kneeling position, supporting the woman’s legs against his shoulders. For additional stability, use a shirt or a pillow, placing it below the woman’s waist.


Another classic, here the man sits comfortably on the back seat while the woman straddles him from above. If there is not enough room in the car, you can always scoot down, or your partner can lean back on her hands. To make the position even more interesting, instead of the back seat, settle in the front of your car.

Sex Positions in Your Car: Doggy Style!

There are a few ways to pull off a successful doggy style inside a car. As far as the back seat is concerned, room and space are issues to take into consideration. However, a much more fun version of the classic car doggy style is the one where both of you are in the front, with the woman resting over the seat, while you step up from behind.

Reverse Chairs!

This regular chairs, but the woman is positioned in reverse cowgirl. This position is great as the woman can fully move from the top, while you enjoy the sight and pleasure. To change things up, you can always open your legs wider, while your partner keeps them closed.

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