What To Do If Your Libido Is Higher than Your Partner (vol.2)

So, you have a pretty active libido? Good for you! Having a great sex drive is fantastic, but when in a relationship, there could be one particular downside to it. Namely, while your libido is ready to rock and roll, your partner might fall behind.

Now, that might seem problematic for some couples, but it is ridiculous to assume your Your Libido Is Higher than Your Partner. And unless there is no emotional or serious medical reason as to why your partner is not as sexual as you are, there is very little to stress over.

But, if that doesn’t still calm your aroused nerves, here are the remaining 3 techniques you can use to help soothe your libido concern.

Your Libido Is Higher than Your Partner: Think outside the Box!                                                 

Erotica is one of the reasons what makes sex, sex. Well, while that is a valid reason, so is being sexual in your daily life as well. What this means is that if you want to help your partner boost his libido, you should contribute to it somehow.

An intimate erotic show for two?

A dirty book, given as a birthday gift?

Think outside the box, and find what your partner responds to sexually outside the bedroom. Intimacy is just as important as arousal, so don’t be cheap on random kisses, hugs teases and else!  

Color Outside the Lines!

Sometimes, having a low-libido partner doesn’t mean they are not interested in fantasies and fetishes. Sex-wise, everyone has a secret kink they want to explore. And it could be anything for your partner. They might like the idea of threesomes, or the idea of seeing you with someone else.

In this case, you will, too, have to move your own sex boundaries and enable your partner to dig deeper into what he or she likes. And, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed off when exploring your urges- it’s just playing with your sexy side in a controlled way.

Your Libido Is Higher than Your Partner: Be Honest!

If low libido is bigger of an issue for you, it is best your talk to your partner about it. Be as honest as possible without hurting their feelings, but let it be known that this is something you will have to work on. Relationships that lack sex rarely work, and in cases when they do, you might be looking at considering an open relationship. Ultimately, though, a careful conversation is important to have.

Source: https://www.yourtango.com/2020332040/seven-things-do-you-have-higher-sex-drive-than-your-partner

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