What To Do If Your Libido Is Higher than Your Partner (vol.1)

Having a healthy sexual libido is equally important as having great sex. Sometimes, the libido can play a trick on you and not be as strong as you’d expect. Other times, it might seem as though your libido is hitting the roof. But, what happens when your libido is on the point, and your partner’s is not as strong?

It would be impossible to think that your partner’s libido and yours should always match in intensity. That said, some people are more sexually aroused than others, which can lead to one partner becoming frustrated with the other. There’s no need to panic, though, as there are many ways to deal with a high-level sexual libido versus a weak one.

Below, we list 6 things you can do if yout libido is higher than your partner. 

Libido Is Higher than Your Partner: Nothing Personal!

The first thing to understand about weak libido is that it is never intentional. While your partner doesn’t have your sexual drive, it doesn’t mean they don’t find you attractive or sexual. Therefore, instead of being critical or displeased, try helping your partner with stimulation, while leaving your ego out of it.

Usually, people have different energies and trigger points, and this is something for you and your partner to discuss before playing the blame game


If your partner’s libido is lower than yours, it simply means that you get more time for self-play. If you haven’t been masturbating for longer, taking the time to pamper yourself will do you good. Self-pleasuring is a great technique to use when you need an erotic boost, and the deeper you get into it, the more rewarding your orgasm will be. Don’t rush your solo sessions, but try to make them more thorough and extended.

This way, you will build intimacy unaffected by your partner and will learn how to find a solid release when you need one.

Libido Is Higher than Your Partner: A Helping Hand!

Your partner might struggle with low libido, but they might be willing to help you out with your orgasm. It doesn’t hurt to ask your partner if she’s willing to give you a nice massage or a handjob, especially if they are also on board. Whatever way your partner might be involved in, don’t take things personally if a change in their mood happens. Believe me, even something as simple as having your partner watch you masturbate is enough to build intimacy

Source: https://www.yourtango.com/2020332040/seven-things-do-you-have-higher-sex-drive-than-your-partner

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