5 Sexual Things to Do Without Having Actual Sex!

Good thing come to those who wait, so if you are the one to pace yourself ahead of a great sex, we have just the list! One of the things which makes sex great in the first place is the idea of exploring it Without Having Actual Sex.

A good foreplay always counts as a plus in the bedroom, everyone will tell you that. But, what if, for once, you took touch entirely out of the question. We are talking about getting sexually sensual even before the foreplay comes on the menu. Interestingly, there are countless of ways to trigger erotic arousal without actually having sex or touching.

Below, we’re listing five of them.

Voyeurism -Without Having Actual Sex

The art of watching someone ooze sex appeal and restraining yourself from taking things further is one fine art to master.

Voyeurism can be anything you find sexy, really.

For instance, you can watch your partner shower (or shave if you are kinkier). You can enjoy an erotic live striptease, or you can even watch your partner touch themselves, while you take an intimate moment on your own.

Double Masturbation

Replace not being able to touch your partner with touching yourself and allow your girl to do same for you. A little side-by-side masturbation is a fantastic way to unravel your undisclosed desires and create some steam in the bedroom. Of course, be mindful that you will likely orgasm before your partner does, so pace yourself and just enjoy the flow.

Dirty talk: Without Having Actual Sex

Dirty talk works differently for you and your partner. Because of this, it is important you know each other’s triggers and take the conversation on from there. For women, sexy talks can be a great way to speak their minds without feeling ashamed about it, whereas, for men, it is a definite boner alert!

Once you get the hang of it (and with practice, you will!), you can take dirty talk out of the bedroom and implement it on daily basis. Oh, the possibilities!

On Camera

You don’t have to be a long-distance couple to make on-camera sex work seamlessly! If fact, all it takes to make it happen is to go to different rooms, get into the mood (and out of your clothes), and let the party begin! For an even bigger challenge, forbid orgasms during the session, or better yet, save them for the morning after. Trust me, the anticipation will result in the most body-shivering, soul-satisfying orgasm.

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