Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed? Here’s How! (Vol.2)

Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed: It is not a secret that many battle their inner demons when it comes to lasting longer in bed. Sexual endurance is highly important to men (and women), but it is definitely not an issue to dread. In fact, there are plenty of techniques and exercises which encourage the sexual performance.

Below, let’s continue our list of top tips to practice if you want to last for longer during sex.

Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed: The Power of Touch!

This exercise can be done when you are alone and revolves around getting to know your body. Once you get naked, place a finger against the skin which separated the scrotum and anus.

Here lies a muscle which controls the muscle contractions when men pee. Imagine trying to stop the pee and engage this muscle. If the muscle beneath your fingers moves, you are on the right tracks.

This muscle is known as the pelvic floor, and aside from controlling the urine, it also controls ejaculation. By clenching and releasing this muscle you will eventually learn to last longer and ‘hold back’ ejaculation for some time. When exercising, hold this muscle flexed for 10 seconds before releasing.

Mind over Matter!

When it is your mind that gives you the trouble and accelerates your orgasm, redshift your focus. Simply, think about something totally unrelated to the sexual activities going on. Also, you can try and pace yourself, doing slow and elaborate pushes, instead of intense and protruding ones.

Finally, it is crucial that you learn how to breathe, in order to avoid prompt orgasm, take deep breaths through the stomach and try to equate them with your ovements.

Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed: Foreplay!

One of the best ways to avoid a quick orgasm is by introducing foreplay in bed. Although you might be doing foreplay on many occasions already, what you’d ideally like is to prolong this process, even if it means your partner orgasms first.

From kisses to cunnilingus and touching all over, taking your time in bed will enable you to relax and prolong your orgasm.

A Discussion

If you want your partner to join in and help you out, an open conversation will help you organize your roles. For instance, if you are keen of going faster, have your partner pull out or slow down. Also, if you are keen on thrusting, allow your partner to take the control and bring sensuality to the table.

Also, make sure you also try out some effective sex positions which will withhold your orgasm. Such include standing and half-seated sex positions. Last but not least, avoid the missionary position, as it is considered the easiest for reaching an orgasm.

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