Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed? Here’s How! (Vol.1)

Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed: For all of you lads who want to find a way to prolong your sexual shenanigans, we have just the thing you were looking for!

Sexual endurance can be a great self-confidence issues in many men who are unable to hold their orgasms for a longer time. And although a typical sex performance for a guy is from 5-7 minutes, the issue of not being able to control yourself with a partner can sting hard.

Speaking of hard, instead of crying over the issue, why not start fixing it?

Unless we are talking about a medical issue, there are many natural ways to pump your bedroom endurance and last as long as 20 minutes.

To get you right there, here are several useful tips to consider.

Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed: Avoid Sexual Anxiety!

If you tend to think you won’t last long, you most likely won’t. Due to this, it is relevant that you learn how to shake off the nerves before having sex and allow yourself to enjoy its bliss longer.

Aside from talking to your partner, which you should most definitely do, you can also try to meditate and relax right before having sex.

Remembering that there are no perfect lovers is essential when approaching sex in a healthy manner. Once the stress is shaken off, your body will be able to control your orgasms.


It might sound weird that men benefit from Kegel exercises, but they really do, especially when it comes to lasting longer. If you want a prolonged sex performance, you can try doing both Kegel and Reverse Kegel exercises for at least 10 minutes a day.

The way you do this is you withhold your ejaculation muscles, and release after a moment or two. These are the same muscles you use when urinating and can drastically boost your sex endurance.

The reverse Kegels, however, are focused on you training your pelvic floor muscles to withhold your ejaculation for longer.

Want to Last 20 Minutes in Bed: Masturbation and Edging

Engage in these two practices from 10-30 minutes a day. Lasting longer sometimes means you have to switch up the way you masturbate.

For instance, if you are typically masturbating on your back, try getting on your stomach or your side.

However, in doing so, don’t take more than 10 minutes and extend that time slowly to 15 and ultimately, 20 minutes of masturbation.

As for edging, the practice is simple. As soon as you begin masturbating, lift your excitement up to a 7, on a thrill-scale of 10.

Then, pull back your drive to a level 5. Next, work yourself up to an 8, but then go back to level 6 of excitement.

Then you want to go all up to a 9, immediately returning to a 6.

Repeating this cycle for 10 minutes a day can really work wonders for your endurance and will surely put you in control of your orgasms.

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