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Walk on the Wild Side in Walkley S6, Sheffield!

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Walkley S6, Pubs and Bars:

The Walkley Cottage – sing and dance the night away in a cozy and private setting.

The Hallamshire House – a proper local pub with plenty of gaming activities and excellent drinks.

The Florist Pub – a fantastic spot offering a stunning outdoor seating area and great snacks and tap beer.

The Restaurants:

Vito's – an Italian restaurant with a magnificent selection of southern and local dishes.

Chez Lahlou's –the perfect late-night restaurant with an amazing selection of French dishes and wines.

Rowsha – a traditional restaurant offering spicy and mouth-watering Lebanese food!

The Clubs:

Corporation – the perfect downtown nightclub echoing live music in a typical UK style!

Tank – a bustling nightclub playing rhythmic and energy-boosting house music.

The Hotels in Walkley S6:

Leopold Hotel Sheffield – a rustic and private hotel close to both Walkley and the urban Sheffield area.

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