5 Erotic Games to Spice up Your Christmas Fun! (vol. 1)

Spice Up Your Cristmas! are you ready to make this special? Aside from the family fun and celebrating the holiday with your close ones, taking the time to make Christmas special for your partner is also important.

Luckily, during Christmas, the list of ideas on how to make your sex life better is ever-growing. From role-play to sex toys, there are many ways to boost your bedroom life. To give you an idea, here are 5 erotic games you should try this Christmas!

Spice up Your Christmas: Santa’s Gifts!

Play your part as the dirty Santa and fill up your bag with sexy goodies for you and your partner to try. Build up the excitement by not sharing anything about the gifts you’re presenting, but rather surprise your partner with a sock filled with dildos, puffy cuffs, essential rubbing oils and more!

Good or Bad?

Even before Christmas arrives, you can set up nice-or-naughty criteria and have your partner choose where she belongs. In the reverse game, you can be the ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ one and your partner can take the role of the hot Mrs. Claus.

With countless of soft punishments for the naughty ones and plenty of sexy perks for the nice ones, this Christmas is looking out to be the steamiest yet!

Spice up Your Christmas: Under the Mistletoe!

Instead of the traditional kiss, make a sexy list of things to do once you or your partner stand under the mistletoe. If you are under the mistletoe, your partner can give you a nice, sensual handjob. If she is under the mistletoe, you can go down on her and trade a kiss for an orgasm.

With an abundance of scenarios to choose from, make sure your mistletoe marks this Christmas as the sexiest you’ve had in years!

Christmas Cards

Anticipation and sex go hand in hand and can really make you look forward to Christmas. A week ahead of the holiday, begin writing sexy Christmas cards, leaving them throughout the house, for your partner to find.

In the cards, you can trigger your partner’s imagination by describing some sexy soon-to-come scenarios or by making a hot wish of your own. To make the game more interesting, instruct your partner to collect all Christmas cards before the ‘action’ begins!

Spice up Your Christmas: Jacuzzi Playtime!

The bubbling water hugging your body can really make Christmas whole lot of fun! If you don’t have a jacuzzi at home, feel free to make a spa booking and invite your partner over for some one-on-one time. While you don’t have to get hot and heavy in the water, you can certainly go in the nude and tease in the sultriest of ways! 

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