Size is NOT an Issue, and These 5 Sex Positions Prove It!

There was a time when everything revolving sex and men was in terms of penis size. The bigger, the better, they’d say but the truth is Size is NOT an Issue.

Naturally, the idea of having the perfect penis length had many men fear their sex abilities. If you still haven’t gotten over that issue, we’re here to tell you that, for the thousandth time, size does not make men better lovers. In fact, transforming your ‘shortcomings’ into a raunchy foreplay could get you further in the bedroom and earn you many thanks.

Still, if you enjoy the pressure of a solid penetration, here are the 5 sex positions to give you just that…regardless of your size.

1. Intimate Reverse Cowgirl

Instead of going for the traditional cowgirl position, have your lady sit in your lap, her back pressed to your front. As an alternative, she can also turn to the side, thus allowing you to show off your kissing skills. This position gives you enough closeness and penetration to get the best of both worlds, so enjoy it!

2. Legs on Shoulders

Begin by having your partner lie on her back, and pop both her legs on your shoulder. For a greater penetration and reach, place a pillow right under her butt and go ‘all in’ from slightly above. Aside from penetration, this position lets your partner masturbate and touch you better, which ultimately means, all the more fun for you!

3. Take a Seat - Size is NOT an Issue

This time, lie on your back and pull your legs up to the knees. Your partner should engage in penetration by sitting on her side and right over your lap. If you want to do the work, you can lift your buttocks off the ground and ‘work it’….or, you can just relax and enjoy the ride and glide show.

4. Sideways

This position enables a full penetration and intensifies the intimacy and excitement in both partners. To engage, lie on your backs and turn to the sides, facing each other. If necessary, scoot lower on the bed, so you can get an easier access. And, remember, kissing and touching count just as much as penetration.

5. Bed Edge - Size is NOT an Issue

Have your partner lie on the edge of the bed, with her back on the mattress and her but hanging in the air. Kneel in front of her (knees on the ground) and position yourself between her legs. For a greater kick, grab her legs and lift them to press against your torso. Voila!


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