5 Sex Positions to Try with a Pillow!

Far from just comfort, pillows make a great adjustment prop in sex. As simple as it sounds, a pillow can actually help you find a more intimate and deeper penetration. What is more, pillows are one of the most versatile sex props you can add in the bedroom, and can drastically improve some of your favorite positions. And here are five ways to make use of a pillow during your hot séance between the sheets.

Sex Positions to Try with a Pillow: The Half Pipe!

Similar to doggy style, the woman takes her position, but places a few pillows between her knees, straddling them. The man comes from behind, either going for some oral, fingering or straight penetration. In the meantime, the woman can place a vibrator between her clitoris and the pillows, which ensures a faster and stronger orgasm.

The Deep Plunge!

In this position, the woman is on her back, with her legs pulled together and her feet resting up against the man’s shoulders. And while the position is effective as it is, placing a pillow right under the woman’s butt will give you a great liftoff. The result is a deeper, more thorough penetration, with the option of applying some manual stimulation as well.

Sex Positions to Try with a Pillow: Valley of Fire!

Stack two or three pillows on the bed and support your back against them. Pull your knees up, leaving just enough room for your partner to straddle you in doggy style. Your partner’s legs should go over each of yours, thus giving you room to set the perfect pace and ride into your most stimulating orgasms yet.

The Rampage!

Perfect for couples who like their missionary a bit to the side, the Rampage is a position that gets the job done. In it, the man lies on the bed sideways, while the woman positions her body to form a ‘plus’ sign, placing her legs over the man’s hip. Place the pillow can either below the woman’s waist, bellow your waist or even better, use two pillows, one for each.  

Sex Positions to Try with a Pillow: The Deep Dog!

Stack two pillows on top of each other and have your partner position herself in doggy style. This time around, instead of the classing position, let your partner pop both her knees on the top of the pillow stack, while supporting her frame on her forearms. In the meantime, you will be standing upright, and taking all that sweet, orgasmic control.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/positions/g15338521/sex-pillow-positions/

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