3 Common Sex Fears You Need to Lose Now!

It is not uncommon for women to have sex fears, but it seems as though, for men, they are far more exaggerated. And while everyone dreads their bedroom performance and pleasing their woman, there is really no need to get caught up in the idea of doing sex wrong.

Getting out of your own head during sex is one of the ultimate ways to improve overall. But, what is it you should not overthink? Here are the 3 most common sex fears men have, and how to stop worrying about them.

Sex Fears: Not Satisfying the Woman!

Every man fears leaving their date, one-night-stand, or long-term partner dissatisfied in bed. Mostly, this has to do with giving her an orgasm, but either way, this fear is a bit outdated. As men are big on ego and self-confidence, feeling destructive about what you can actually improve is destructive to no avail.

How to get over it:

The best way to ensure the woman is fully satisfied is to communicate honestly and sensually with her. Ask her how she likes you touching or arousing her. Be open to using additional help, such as sex toys and lots, and I do mean lots, of lube. And if you don’t like bluntly asking, you can turn it all into a form of dirty talk.

Premature Ejaculation!

Ah, yes, the issue of orgasming a little too soon for your own liking. On one hand, there are men who have physical issues with premature ejaculation, and others have only emotional barriers with it. Whatever the case may be, know there is always a way to control the issue and give yourself the chance to have guilt-free sex.

How to get over it:

If the problem with premature ejaculation is medical, a doctor’s exam will prove it. In that case, you might get have to take stimulators or natural enhancements. If the problem is emotional, doing your Kegel exercises regularly can help. Also, you can talk to a sex therapist or try rubbing one out before attending your hot date.

Sex Fears: Lacking Adult Content!

Most men get invested in the idea that sex should have elements similar to those seen in sex movies. However, that is not what real sex is like, and we all know it. Spontaneous sex doesn’t come with a script, so you shouldn’t dread not being overly kinky, intense, or enduring. 

How to get over it

Doing sex like a porn star won’t earn you extra points with a woman. Instead, try giving her a sense of closeness, intimacy, and sensuality. The slower and spontaneous you do it, the better result you’ll have. Great sex begins with chemistry and the lustful spark not with fancy moves or impossible-to-do positions.

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