Sex Fantasies are ‘Absolutely Normal’, Experts Say

What would sex be if fantasy wasn’t part of it? Although the vanilla lovemaking can have it perks, sometimes we all let our minds wander off to sultriest bedroom pleasures. Sex fantasies liven up in our heads like a moth drawn to a flame, and now experts confirmed what we were hoping to hear – they are absolutely normal to have!

How we act in the bedroom might differ from what we crave in our minds. But, as far as sexual fantasies go, it is important to remember that both men and women have them. And in both of our minds, they are as delightful and as exciting as the real thing!

To make you feel more comfortable about your daydreaming and nightly fantasizing, here are 3 totally normal sex fantasies!

Group Sex Fantasies!

Whether for men or women, the more people worshipping you sexually, the better. This popular sex fantasy was birthed as soon as everyone realized you can enrich sex by inviting more people in the bedroom…even if just for the sake of your fantasy.

To make matters more interesting, many singles and couples practice group sex in real life too, and say can be pretty dang amazing. Nevertheless, if you are more comfortable keeping this kink a fantasy, so be it, but just so you know – we get it!

Same-Gender Fantasies!

What’s appealing about his fantasy is simple – no man can satisfy a woman like another woman could. And vice versa. As we know our own genders, and therefore bodies, we keep thinking that is a same-gender sex partner would do our orgasms more justice.

And while this might be true, it doesn’t mean that you are open to actually pulling it off or even considering it. If even just fantasizing about it gets you in the right mood, great, and if not, the world of sex awaits you to open new doors to pleasure.

Hate Sex Fantasies!

Hate sex can play out just the right way in your fantasy, but there’s a reason we tend to keep it there. For instance, hate sex can be trickier in practice, especially if you are imagining your ex, who you’d rather slap in the face. Regardless, the roughness and claiming of hate sex gives you an idea of a thrill you have never experienced, and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, we all have someone we’d like to bang against a door and teach them a lesson in dominance, right?

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