4 Reasons You Have Sex Blues!

It is a rare feeling which happens as sex wraps up but the nostalgia we feel after it is very real. For many people; feeling the Sex Blues is nothing new or strange; but it can be a rather suffocating feeling without a particular source. If you have ever felt inexplicably sad after having sex, don’t worry, you are not alone!

This common experience is typical for both men and women and what is more; there can be 4 major reasons Sex Blues, which we list below.

You Didn’t Want to Have Sex Right in That Moment!

One of the greatest reasons why we feel uneasy after sex is because we didn’t feel like having sex at the time. Sometimes, we have sex because we know it will feel good, and it does. However, the fact that we weren’t sexually excited ahead of it can result in you feeling down right after it finishes. It is not just long-term relationships that suffer from post-sex blues, but also one-night-stands and casual encounters. It is a simple truth- if your heart and brain cannot absorb the idea of having sex, you might feel a bit crushed about it afterwards.

Sex Blues: Hookups are Not in Your Cards!

Well, that’s a bunch of telltales! Hookups are not only a healthy practice but are also great for all single who want to enjoy great sex without having to commit. But, sometimes, after we have hookup sex, we tend to feel blue about it; it is mostly because society still labels casual trysts as immoral or unnecessary. Come on, that vision of sex is largely outdated. For anyone who likes hooking up without any strings attached, one way to leave the sadness to the side is to disallow the prejudices of hookups to keep you from having great sex! 

It is Emotional, not Biological

Actually, sex is both of those things at once. As per a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, post-sex sadness can happen because of our biological structures. However, we tend to refrain from the biological aspect of sex and we remained convinced that sex should be exclusively emotional. The biological reason why you feel sad after having sex is because of your increased hormone levels. You have sex with elevated levels of dopamine and prolactin, both of which lower once the sex ends- and there you were; thinking there was no good reason to feel down. 

Sex Blues: Lack of Connection!

If the intimacy you and your partner share is clinging for dear life, it might translate to your bedroom adventures. Namely, if you are not feeling close or comfortable with your partner when having sex; you are likely to feel crappy about it later. On one hand, you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings but on the other; you don’t want to feel like this forever. So what can you do? Well, you can have a lengthy conversation with your partner and figure out how to bring back that long-lost spark in bed, along with your feel-good mood!

Source: https://www.hercampus.com/sex-relationships/sex/4-reasons-you-feel-sad-after-sex

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