Get Your Sex Appeal back with These 5 Hot Tips!

How long has it been since you’ve felt sexy and desirable? Yes, I know, times go by and we begin to feel safe in our relationships or in being single. But, as the new year has swiftly arrived, looking and feeling your best, Sex Appeal is a huge contribution to your overall growth.

No worries, you are not alone in your journey to sexual rediscovery. In fact, we thought we’d discuss some sexy tricks that can help you become bedroom-ready in no time!

Join us, as we list 5 of them below.

Sex Appeal: Smell!

Men and women both associate smell with sexual feelings. The smell is a primal sense that can easily make you feel more confident and sexual, so drop that bottle of Old Spice and go for the good stuff. Head to the first perfumery and treat yourself a nice bottle of perfume and wear it immediately for an extra boost of masculinity. Ah, that smells so good!

A Change of Voice!

If your voice is anything but sex it, you can train it into becoming a song of seducing to the ladies. For this trick, you’ll need a bit of practice, toning down the volume and using steady sentences with a lot of essences. While working on your whispers and roars, don’t forget to also learn how to vocalize in bed and moan your way to erotic enlightenment.

Sex Appeal: Doll Up!

Every great confidence, sexual or not, begins with how good you can wear your clothes. Whether it is silky and comfortable underwear or a sharp white shirt and jeans, you get the idea. My point is, looking good, buying more refined pieces and changing anything as simple as your ties can give you an instant sexuality boost.

Sex Appeal: Bedding!

There’s nothing sexy in a messy, hoarder-style apartment. Do yourself a favor and throw out any old, worn out and stained bedding and buy new, bold ones (black satin, maybe?). When you create the perfect environment for sex, you can expect to feel more attractive and open to bringing guests over. Plus, nothing screams attraction to women more than a neat, tidy man, so be one.

Embrace Femininity!

Make no mistake, masculinity is always accompanied by a dose of femininity and vice versa. Instead of pushing it away, embrace the feminine side of you. And while we are not talking about painting your nails or such, you can definitely try being softer with yourself and with others. It’s true, the indulgence you put into developing a more emotional (I guess they call that feminine…) side, will pay off sexually in the long run.


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