Naughty Things Woman Craves You Do in Bed (vol.2)

The opportunities to wow your partner in bed are endless, especially if you like playing dirty. It has been years since, aside from men, women also got heard about some of their own sexual desires. Interestingly, it turned out that when it comes to affairs of the bed, women had plenty to say and ask for.

Women are no strangers to having fantasies of their own, and getting between their layers can help you become the lover of her dreams.

Below, let’s count down 4 more steamy things a woman would secretly like you to do in bed. 

Naughty Things Woman Craves You: Rough It Up!

Every woman has fantasized about rougher and more intense sex at least once in her lifetime. The idea of giving up control and enjoying the experience for what it is makes women open up like late blooms. The best way to guarantee safer rough sex is to determine boundaries and start slowly.

An easy way into the naughtier side of sex is to experiment with light BDSM and Sub/Dom scenarios.

Down You Go

A woman will never openly tell you she wants you between her legs…unless she has to say it. Instead of anticipating that moment, give yourself the liberty of digging into the lady pond yourself. Don’t assume you know everything about what’s happening down there, so pace yourself, listen and ask, too.

When asked, women feel more comfortable responding and directing, so if you are keen on giving her ravaging orgasms, this is your best chance at it.

Naughty Things Woman Craves You: Back Door!

As one of the most sexually alluring fantasies women have, anal sex is a mystery to be uncovered. However, be understanding if your woman has never tried anal before. The truth is, what most women have heard about anal sex is that it hurts, it’s weird and it’s messy.

Still, you can learn to go slow and take baby steps, thus ensuring she gets her fair share of enjoyment as well. To guarantee yourself a great anal, keep the hygiene optimal, use both your tongue and fingers and be responsive to directions.

Public Sex

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that all women enjoy the element of risk, so give yourself the chance to tease her in public. If you are not quite ready to go for the actual sex, you can easily go down on her in a hidden street corner or in your car.

She can, of course, reciprocate the pleasure, and you can both enjoy versatile scenarios you always craved of doing.  


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