Naughty Things Woman Craves You Do in Bed (vol.1)

Now, if you are a woman-pleaser, there is always something new to learn. Women are intriguing in the sense that, when it comes to expressing sexual desires, they oftentimes struggle. Whether it is due to shyness or discomfort, discovering a woman’s deepest sexual desires can be tricky.

To help you out in that department, here are 5 of the 9 Naughty Things Woman Craves and would like you to do in bed…without having her ask.

Naughty Things Woman Craves: Talk Dirty!

Sex talk can be quite exciting to women, whether done in the bedroom or elsewhere. Don’t limit your dirty talks to when having sex only, but do so out in public, at a party or pretty much elsewhere.

In other news, as much as a woman likes listening to your version of dirty talk, she also wants to share. Now, it is up to you to figure out how to make her spill the beans, but we’re sure you have a few ideas.


Making a woman feel desirable is one of the biggest sexual peaks to reach. A woman craves to be desired sexually by her man, so paying her a compliment or playing with her body can work in your favor. Once she’s admired and worshipped, you can expect her to purr in your hands all night long.

Other gestures to also try include carrying her in your hands to bed, flirting with her throughout the day, sexting, etc.

Naughty Things Woman Craves: Play!

Women and orgasms are certainly a science on its own. However, one way to stop chasing after her orgasm on your own is to bring sex toys to the bedroom. While your woman might not have been showing interest in toys, trust me, she’s interested.

From butt plugs and vibrators to nipple clamps and dildos, the choice is rich, juicy and provocative beyond measures.

Undress to Impress!

A great way to impress your woman in bed is to undress her. To women, there is something so private, intimate and naughty about a man undressing them piece by piece. The urge to claim her, the eroticism of it all, whatever it may be, it works each and every time.

Undressing is all about keeping things fun and fresh, so don’t hesitate to use her panties as a semi-transparent blindfold, or to tie her up with her tights. 

Who’s Bad?

Well, most women fantasize about it, that’s a given. There is something raunchy about taking the good-girl attitude out of the way and turn to someone who knows how to get what she wants. Women are interesting that way, they want their man to see them as naughty and provocative, so let them.

If you don’t particularly care about femdom, a hot stripping session or some light bondage will score you big points in her eyes.


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