Mens Sex Secrets They Won’t Share with Their Partners!

Having fabulous sex with your partner depends on various factors. Aside from chemistry, great sex is also about sharing your deepest fantasies with your partner…and perhaps trying a few of those in bed. However, men seem to think that women are not as liberal when it comes to sex, so some wants and needs remain undiscussed and untried.

Well, that’s a huge mistake, as you can’t be sure whether your partner enjoys the kinks that you do. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Mens Sex Secrets choose not to share with their partner, for no obvious reason.

Mens Sex Secrets: Like It Rough!

Men believe that roughness in sex is only craved by men. However, many women also like to get naughty and eccentric, but if you never share your fantasy with your partner, how would you know if you are on the same page or not? And when we say rough, we don’t mean hardcore action. Honestly, even something as simple as a ponytail tug or a slap on the butt can work.

Want to Try Anal!

If you and your partner haven’t had the chance to explore anal sex yet, you might keep this little fantasy a secret. Nevertheless, the idea will remain to linger on, so instead of pushing it away, present it to your partner and see how she responds to it. You’d be surprised to learn just how much women like to cross over to the kinky side, just like you.

Mens Sex Secrets: Worry about Size!

Okay, this might not be a secret you’d wish to share with your partner. However, most men worry whether their penis size is sufficient to get a woman off and make her feel good. But, trust me, even with this worry in mind, if you do all other things right, the ‘size’ part will no longer be relevant or concerning.

Want to Look!

It’s no secret that men are very visual creatures and like seeing everything that is happening down below. From the way, your partner’s face changes when she orgasms to the way penetration looks from behind- looking is not something to be shy about. Even more, observing how your bodies move together can be quite a delightful kink, and we advise you to explore it further.

Mens Sex Secrets: Like Nudes!

Sending a nude nowadays can be a risky affair. But, if you trust your sex partner enough, getting or sending a nude can be very arousing and effective in creating sexy foreplay. If you want to keep on the safe side, though, talk to your partner about only sending nudes that won’t show your face or your surroundings.


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