How to Prepare for Your Exclusive Hotel Escort Date?

Meeting an escort can be an exhilarating experience and a slightly anticipating one. Whenever meeting your escort at a hotel downtown, some preparation for your date is due.

From room aesthetics to choosing the right vibe for your date, here are a few useful tips to ensure your VIP escort outcall goes flawlessly.

Hotel Escort Date: The Room!

At most top-rated hotels, you can choose and examine the room you want to book for your date ahead of time. Preparing the room for your escort includes ensuring the bedding is nice and clean as it is the bathroom. Then, check if your room has enough towels and amenities for two people and consult the hotel on privacy policies as well as room service.    

Bring Your Kind of Fun!

While escorts are open to bringing their own fun kit, you should cover some of these items yourself. For instance, ensure you bring protection with you, as well as spare underwear and a toothbrush. In addition, bring your own lubricant and your favorite toys, your sexy props, as well as all necessary room decorations, such as candles, essential and massage oils, and music.

Hotel Escort: Dress Up!

Even when booking a private outcall at a hotel, you still need to show up for your escort dressed up and looking sharp. A dash of perfume goes a long way as does personal hygiene, something all escorts appreciate and value when dating clients. In that same regard, you can ask your escort date to dress casually upon arrival and bring a change of clothes for the evening. This way, you will avoid raised eyebrows at the front desk.

Medical Check

Professional escorts undergo all necessary and required medical testing before meeting a client. Having that in mind, getting yourself checked before your date is also important. Given the current safety and health measures, it is recommended you both clear the air ahead of time and spend stress and worry-free date.


When your escort finally arrives, be nothing short of a gentleman and on your best behavior. Escorts appreciate great manners and will feel more relaxed when you treat them right. Foul language and impatience have no place on your date, so make sure you are both kind and respectful to your date. When it comes to payment, giving your escort the money directly can be perceived as impolite, so place them in an envelope instead and leave it at the nightstand.


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