Gym Equipment Sex Positions!

Aside from working out, using some of your at-home gym equipment can be a great addition to your sex life. Interestingly, gym equipment offers great versatility in use, and when it comes to sex; it gives the most curious couples a chance to amp up their experience.

Changing things up in your sex life by including your gym assets is practical and fun; so here are 5 Gym Equipment Sex Positions for the super-experimental couples.

Gym Equipment Sex Positions: The Wild Pony!

For this position, you will need to put your Pilates ball to work. The woman lies over the Pilates ball on her stomach; her hands stretched in the front or on the ground for more support. In the meantime, the man comes from behind, squatting as much as it is needed and going in for penetration. The Wild Pony can be done with the woman lying on the ball on her back; but it is a position intended for those with good command of balance.

The Dive Bar!

So much more than just a pull-up and abs device, the dive bar can be a great ally in your sexual fantasies, too. The easiest way to use it is to have your partner hang from the bar while holding on her hands. The man comes from the front, wrapping the woman’s legs around his waist thus alleviating the balance and penetration. If you are extra kinky and naughty; you can try the bar yourself, hanging upside-down, while your partner goes in for some delicious oral.

Gym Equipment Sex Positions: The Treadmill!

Don’t let your treadmill be a workout toy only, but use it as a sex toy as well. If supported against the wall, a treadmill will give you enough balance to pop your partner on it; while you come between her legs and get ready for action. The treadmill can also work if you like standing up; with your partner turned in doggy style and you pacing the tempo from behind.

The Cliffhanger!

For this next position, you will need a Pilates ball; so your partner can lie against it on her back and stretch her arms backwards to touch the ground. You come in her front; supporting her legs in your lap while your lips travel all the way down to find that special place that just begs for an orgasm.

Straps and Elastic Bands!

The following position is all about getting the most of your gym elastic bands and yoga straps. You can experiment any way you want- by binding your partner’s legs and arms or by being strapped yourself. If you prefer a good doggy-style, bind your partner’s knees and arms and let the teasing begin. In that same manner, your partner can bind you and let you enjoy a thorough pegging session.

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