5 Confidence Booster: Sex Positions!

Having low self-confidence in bed is not as uncommon as you think. Typically, lacking confidence in the bedroom can be a result of various reasons, such as body image issues, emotional disconnection, fear of inferiority, underperforming, and else.

However, feeling uncertain in your sex-having skills doesn’t mean you need to give it up for good. In fact, by practicing confidence booster sex positions, you can learn to become your confident self again. Keep reading to find out the 5 best positions to help you feel powerful and self-sufficient during sex. 

Sex Positions: Cowgirl!

Lie on the back and stretch your legs long. Let your partner come on top, straddling your lap and dictating the tempo. The position is great to enhance your confidence as you are a mere spectator watching his partner have the time of her life riding.

The Coital Alignment Technique!

For this position, get into missionary but bring your pelvis lower than usual. This way, your legs will come on the sides of your partner's hips, which means more and better stimulation. Aside from the gorgeous view you have, this position lets you take control of your movements and stimulate your partner to orgasm. If that’s not a confidence boost, I don’t know what it.

Confidence Booster: The Bridge!

In this position, your partner is on her back, with her hips and butt lifted in the air. Step between her knees, use one hand for additional support and the other to stimulate all those delicious erogenous zones. Doing most of the work in this position is great, as it lets you find your rhythm while making your partner crazy with kisses, nibbles, touches, and of course, penetration.

The Cross

If you are feeling extra insecure during sex, getting into the Cross position can help. Lie vertically on your bed, your back flat to the mattress. Your partner should position herself sideways, with her legs overlapping yours. Not a particularly intimate position, the Cross can help you get into your own pace without having to work your butt off for pleasure. The best way to get the ego-boosting benefits of this position is to do it slowly and elaborately. 

Confidence Booster: Face To Face!

Being face to face while having sex and having your partner gaze into your eyes can definitely convince you that you are doing it all right. Lie down on the bed and face your partner while raising one of her legs over your hip to start teasing or penetration. The best thing about this position is that you can notice every ounce of pleasure your partner is enjoying, which will be enough to show you just how great of a lover you are.

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