Top 3 Escort Services for First-timers: Book Your Best Scenario

New and eager clients often wonder what the best escort service to book is. If you want a proper take on the escort experience as a new client, here are the top 3 services to consider for your initial appointment.


The Girlfriend Experience, or GFE for short, is one of the most suitable services that new clients are advised to book. The reasons for this are few, like the fact that a GFE service is more like a real relationship, without the drama, emotions, or promises. It is also packed with cuddling, hugging, sharing, and doing things as a couple while keeping your discretion protected. The GFE typically lasts longer which gives you a detailed introduction to an escort's services. The service maintains a professional tone in the sense that it keeps your privacy intact and can be booked whenever you please, and under your terms.

If you want to have a proper GFE service provided by an escort, consider going out to dinner or drinks first. Whereas for spending the night, by all means, go for it, though if you are new, it's best to start small.

An Incall

Aside from the GFE, another remarkable service for newbie clients is an incall. These days, incalls can be shorter and longer, which makes it convenient for you to explore both sides of the service. For new clients, booking a 30-minute incall appointment is the best way to dive into the escort world. Also, incalls are more suitable for beginners in escort dating, since they can meet the escort at an already chosen location that is set up as per your requirements.

The location is chosen by the escort herself and only used for that purpose and by that particular escort only. Incalls are also a great beginner's service since they ensure your protection will be protected at all times and you won't have to make hotel or other reservations.

An Outcall at Your Place

For all beginners who want a more private and intimate date with an escort, booking an outcall is the ideal scenario. But, outcalls can take place at hotels or the client's home, so if you are new to the experience, start by inviting your escort to your place. This way, you will have control of the surroundings, will avoid paying extra for a hotel room, and won't have to think about getting to the location and finding parking spots around the city. Once you have a taste of an at-home outcall service you will feel more comfortable making a hotel arrangement and exploring that side as well.