Booking an Escort Date at a Bed & Breakfast: A Mini Guide!

Whenever clients want to meet an escort date as part of the outcall service, they might choose their home or a hotel to meet up with their companion. However, some clients don’t prefer either option, which then puts Bed Breakfast facilities in the spotlight.

Whilst having an escort date take place at a bed breakfast is possible, but there are various things to know before arranging the service. For the utmost discrete and pleasant date at a villa, a BB or a smaller hotel, here are the pointers to keep in mind.

The Initial Get Together

When booking a date at a BB, you might have to meet your escort outside the accommodation and will be notified of the escort’s arrival ahead of time. Unlike traditional hotels, BBs are more complicated when it comes to their service. So, to avoid any unexpected issues when checking in or out of your BB, ensure the place knows you’ll be a pair staying in the room. In case you wish for greater privacy, some BBs will allow your escort to meet you directly to your room.

The Structure

Meeting an escort date at a BB requires more caution and care on your part. For one, keep in mind that BBs are more basically built than hotels, so they’ll have thinner walls, and not as fancy amenities or services. Also, many BBs are located in family neighbourhoods so keep your eyes open for any indiscretion.


BBs, when compared to hotels, have many different policies, though many will remain the same as in hotels. Just to be in the clear, ask the BB of interest to provide you with their service and privacy policies, so you are always legally abiding by their requirements. Whilst some BBs don’t mind you having a guest, some do not allow visitations, and only service couples, so you might consider booking the date as such, especially if spending the night there.

The Specifics

Things, like the BBs address and location, will be relevant to give to your escort ahead of time. Also, some BBs have different entrances and exits, and as some are more discrete, feel free to ask if they can be used for your guest. Finally, be specific on the time when you and your escort will meet, so you both avoid unnecessary lingering around and possible exposure.