6 Ways to Make the Most of Longer Escort Bookings!

Longer bookings are quite the trend among all types of clients. But, since you will be spending most of the day and evening with an escort - and sometimes, the entire night - it is important to make the date interesting from start to finish without burning yourselves out or doing too little.

Here are 6 amazing ways to make the most of longer escort bookings.

Start with a Fine Conversation

If you are looking to spend a longer escort date, it's best you open slow. Pour some wine, cue the music and converse with your escort. Share stories, ask questions, laugh together, and keep it classy and playful. It's the best way to set the tone for the rest of the date and ease into it.

Loosen up

At some point during your escort date, you will have to give up the nerves and start enjoying yourself more. Opt for dance, play a game, and get your conversations on a naughtier level. You know, let the positive vibes flow and don't be in a rush to arrive anywhere just yet.

Dress up

Dressing up for an escort date is quite fun and can make a whole scenario of dressing down. You can make the dressing up even more fun, you can head out to dinner first or go partying and then take things behind four walls.


Share what you like. Offer up what you don't like. Ask your escort about the same things - no shame here. Then find a happy middle and heat things up just the right amount. Dim the lights, get cosy, loosen up that tie, you know.

Good Food

Even if you are not planning to spend a dinner date with your escort, it is still important to bring great food to the occasion. Order room service if you are at a hotel, or opt to cook or order in if you are at your place. Great food is a natural aphrodisiac and will help the feel-good juices flow.

Sleep Time

If you are, for example, booking an overnight date, it is crucial you leave some room to rest for yourself and your escort. Escorts have a typical 7-9 hours of sleep each night, so be considerate of this and don't make her stay up all night. In the morning, allow the escort time to shower if she wants, and have a cup of coffee or breakfast. Do the same for yourself, too.