Benefits of Having Sex? (Vol. 2)

So, What Are the Health Benefits of Having Sex? (Vol. 2)

Remember when we talked how sex can help you deal with stress, reduce heart problems and increase your libido? Well, there are more benefits where those came from! Pleasurable and satisfying, sex ending in orgasms (on both sides) can be quite beneficial for a number of other reasons, too, and we continue listing them below.

Lower Risks for Prostate Cancer

Studies on sex and health showed that staying active in the bedroom can drastically lower the odds for prostate cancer. The study explains that regular ejaculation and clitoral orgasms can significantly reduce the risks of suffering various cancers, including prostate cancer. And although masturbation does help in this case, the real deal goes unparalleled.

Enhanced Sleep - Health Benefits of Having Sex

Among other benefits of sex is also a healthier sleeping pattern. Having sex induces the production of the hormone known as prolactin, which provokes natural sleep and relaxation. Next time your head hits the pillow after meeting your orgasm, have yourself a good rest – it does the body good.

Stress Release - Health Benefits of Having Sex

A silent, yet lethal weapon against your health, stress is not to be taken lightly. If you want to successfully avoid it, try boosting your sex performance. Even without avoiding it, sex allows the brain to ease and the body to relax, and instead sends signals of pleasure and comfort to the brain. The result? Less stress and a livelier sex life!

Improve Your Relationships

Sex is an excellent means reconnecting with your partner, even if you’re not feeling quite like it. When good, sex can deliver a sense of intimacy, togetherness, and satisfaction. Add a cuddling session right after, and you got yourself a remedy for a healthy relationship.

Longevity and Youthfulness

Regular and quality sex maintains the body in excellent shape and keeps your appearance younger and refreshed. At the same time, sex is able to prolong your lifespan, take care of skin issues, and boost testosterone and estrogen levels. As per studies, having sex four times a week keeps you from 7-12 years younger, which is not a bad bargain after all.

Brain Stimulation

Do you ever get a clearer mind right after having sex? The reason for it is simple, and it has to do with the effect sex has on the brain. Studies note that sex empowers the brain and allows it to become more analytical and remember more, too. Who knows, you might not only be a good lover but a brainiac as well!

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