FAQ - Sheffield Escorts

Q. How can I book an escort date at the Sheffield VIP escort agency? 
To make an official booking you will have to provide our agency with some information about you as well as choose your preferred date. Then, give the Sheffield agency a call and let us help you book the perfect date. 

Q. What information do I need to provide to the Sheffield agency to make a booking? 
If you are making an outcall, our agency will require your name, your hotel details, the time and official date of your meeting as well as your phone number. For home dates, you will need to provide us with the time and date of your meeting, your number, and your full name. If you had made a pre-booking, it is advisable you call our agency to let us know the specifics of your date in advance. 

Q. What if someone wants to cancel the date?
In cases where your escort wants to cancel the date, it is usually due to personal or health reasons and you will not only be informed in advance but will be offered a suitable replacement. In cases where you want to cancel, all we ask is that you let our agency know of the change. 

Q. Is booking an escort date at the Sheffield agency a violation of the law? 
No, it is not. At the Sheffield agency you are merely paying for someone to keep you company, and at the same time, all of our dates are of age and adults, so no worries! Anything else regarding your date can be consensual agreed between you and your chosen girl. 

Q. How do payments work at the Sheffield escort agency?
You will be able to make a payment through various methods, but the most common one is you paying your escort date at the hotel of your meeting. Please be informed that our escorts are instructed to count their payment, so be nice enough to understand this is a standard protocol. 

Q. What does Sheffield's privacy policy entail?
By booking an escort date at our agency, you are entitled to full discretion and protection of both personal information and your activities. While we collect your information, we only ask these to make sure our escorts are safe at all times. 

Q. Is there an option to book an additional Sheffield escort date? 
Our agency offers a wide range of services, including single and double packages. To learn more about it, visit our escort page or give us a call at our offices. 

Q. What else should I know about my Sheffield escort date? 
Know that even though you may choose a different type of date outside the hotel, you will first need to meet your date at the hotel to settle the payment. Again, this is a standard procedure practiced at the Sheffield escort agency.