7 Sex Habits that are Ruining Your Performance!

DO you think your lovemaking skills are unparalleled?

Think again!

Although the world of sex is a widespread field of options, we all tend to get stuck to the same old patterns we once learned. However, as everything else needs deserves a makeover, the same goes for your sex life as well.

Are you hoping to improve your overall bedroom performance and become a much more refined lover to your sex partner?

These are the 7 habits to cross off your to-do list for a friskier, raunchier and zestier sex life!

1. Using the same foreplay style over and over again.

With so many options on how to boost your foreplay game, it is a real shame to keep to the same few old tricks you learned once upon a time. Do you want a more exciting sex life? Ensure your foreplay is creative, versatile and always hitting the right spots. 

2. Not following directions.

Most men have a problem following bodily cues from their sex partner and that is a shame. If you are making all the right moves in bed and your woman seems to enjoy them, don’t switch up the pace for no reason- it will only kill her buzz. Instead, ask your partner for guidance and follow her lead mindfully.

3. Going too harsh.

Male and female bodies don’t process pleasure in the same way. That said, where a man needs intensity and pressure, a woman might need slowing things down and building the arousal more elaborately. So, unless your sex partner explicitly asks you to go all BDSM, keep your strokes, touches and pushes gentle. 

4. Holding yourself back.

Keeping a physical distance between you and your sex partner doesn’t do much for intimacy and closeness. If you feel like the sex spark has worn off, it is time to bring that bond back and let the woman nudge closer to you, sniff you and nibble on your skin oh-so-nicely. The only place where two lovers keep space between them during sex are adult movies, and you very well know that real sex has nothing to do with what you see on the screen. 

5. Not using your voice.

Trust me, all ladies love a man who can vocalize his pleasure and is not afraid to let out a few moans. Just like you enjoy the sweet sounds of a woman’s sexual thrill, she, too, finds it arousing when you don’t hold back from moaning aloud.

6. You don’t talk enough.

Say what you will but dirty talk has always worked in the bedroom, and it is a shame when men don’t rely on it too much. Dirty talk doesn’t have to get too intense, though, but it can be saucy enough for the woman to pick up the cue and reciprocate.

7. Going all-rabbit on her.

Thrusting for 30 minutes straight makes a woman think sex is cardio to you and nothing more. Never has a woman enjoyed sex for the power of your thrusts only, so ensure you mix up your penetration style and show her a new angle of eroticism.

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