6 Things That Mess with Your Sex Drive!

Nurturing a functional sex drive is a challenge worth upholding. Unfortunately, your libido is much more sensitive than you think, and can, therefore, affect your performance. There are various reasons why men struggle to maintain a healthy libido- some of them are emotional, and some are habitual. 

If you care to prolong the power and potency of your sex drive and stamina, here are the red alerts to avoid.

Stress Can Affect Your Sex Drive!

Exposure to sex can drastically reduce your libido. Work stress, stress at home, or in your relationships can be harmful to your sexual desire, so it is important you learn to let go of it. Whether it is mediation, exercising or nice talk, eliminating stress from your life does your sexual stamina a favor.

Self-Image Problems!

To improve your sexual drive you first have to work on loving yourself more. Sometimes, having self-confidence issues can kill your desire for sex or your esteem as a lover. If you are ready to experiment, one way to enhance your self-image is to book a professional date and allow yourself some pampering.

Too Much Alcohol Affects Your Sex Drive!

Alcohol is a direct enemy of your sex drive, so you might want to reconsider having few-too-many drinks. Of course, a drink or two of alcohol will only make you feel more aroused, but going over the top will just make you drowsy and unwilling/unable to have sex at all.

Not Enough Sleep!

If there is one habit you want to work on to boost your sex drive, it is your sleeping pattern. For optimal results and a higher libido, try to sleep for up to eight hours. Staying up late at night or shifting your sleeping cycle can hurt your body rhythm, so make it a habit to schedule and monitor your sleeping hours.

Being Overweight Affects Your Sex Drive!

Gaining weight is generally bad for your health, and it can also impair your sex drive. Overweight men oftentimes experience a drop in sexual performance, even if and when the desire is there. Keeping your body in shape is relevant to both your emotional and physical health, and an extra workout session can significantly boost your testosterone.


If you don’t take all of the above into consideration, your libido will become weaker with age. Aging generally means a shift in your sex drive, but getting your cardio, loving yourself, and maintain healthy life habits will help prolong it. 

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