5 Ways to Nail Your Dinner Escort Date!

In the universe of elite escort and VIP escort dates, dinners are quite the thing.
Clients love taking escorts out to dinner as part of a wider or a narrowed-down service. Dinners can precede daily activities or can be prolonged to an overnight experience or the GFE. Either way, dinner dates are a way for the client and his escort to bond, get acquainted with one another, and enhance their chemistry.
To leave the right impression before your escort date is, to say the least, a necessity.

If you feel like you’re standing on rocky grounds, here are 5 ways to nail the date.

Interest Counts…a Lot

Being interested in what your escort has to say is equally important as being heard and interesting yourself. However, interest goes both ways, you for your escort to feel comfortable chatting around you – reciprocate. Instead of just waiting to be asked questions, ask some yourself and let the flow of the conversation evolve to new heights.

Compatibility is Something to Work On

The truth is, no matter how good your escort date is, being compatible with one another won’t just happen on a whim. Instead, you and your date need to put the effort to develop it. Another factor to consider is the way you choose your escort.
If you are exclusively after a dinner date, there are ladies who actually excel at it and will help you bond much faster.

Be Discrete

Although this goes without saying, let’s gave a go at it one more time. Being discrete during your dinner escort date is paramount for a quality experience. Discretion is always guaranteed by your escort, but it is also the client’s job to ensure his escort is safe.

Ordering Etiquette

When ordering food and drinks, especially for both of you, consult your escort on the menu. This is important as some escorts can have certain dietary requirements. Some escorts also refuse to drink alcohol on the job, and others might be lactose intolerant. To ensure you are picking out the right menu, always exchange ideas.

Table Manners

Along with food and beverages, the way you behave when on a dinner date with your escort is also crucial. Namely, avoid any sort of physical touching or intimacy, as a restaurant is not the place for it. Your dinner date ought to bring you and your escort closer, so take the time to have a much-deserved quality time. Get it?

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