5 Things Your Date Might Do and Their Meaning

While we often talk about how clients behave around their escorts, we rarely speak of the things escorts might say or do during your date. Having an honest conversation with your escort is very important, especially when you want to set ground-rules or get to know each other better.

In getting to know each other, clients sometimes struggle to interpret how their escort might feel or what they want to communicate. To get you in the clear, here are 5 things that might come up during your date- and how to handle each.

1. Sexy Sounds

If you are having an intimate date with your escort, you can expect to hear plenty of sexy sounds on her part. But, are they just a way to stimulate your arousal? Well, according to escorts, sexy sounds, like moaning and panting, are often part in making a client feel comfortable during the action and wanted as well. At the same time, most escorts find great pleasure in sharing lust and sexual pleasure with their clients, so consider the fact that her reaction might be completely genuine.

2. Age

Escorts usually don’t discuss their age with clients, as it is oftentimes listed in their portfolio information. Agency-based escorts have absolutely no reason to lie about their age, as clients love dating with both younger and more mature ladies. So, unless you don’t know how old your escort, feel free to ask, but if the information was already available to you, steer clear of further prying.

3. Weight

Another thing escorts might be hesitant talking about is their weight. Seriously, this is one of the most redundant questions you can ask as a client. Why? Well, fuller, slimmer, bustier, thinner- who cares? When it comes to pleasure, lust, intimacy and service, discussing your escort’s weight should be the last thing on your mind.

4. Compliments

How to take an escort’s compliment, you ask? Well, if an escort decides to compliment you, take it as she means it. Escorts are keen on giving clients compliments, and most times, they wouldn’t bother with it unless they mean it. All clients love for their escort to give them a little ego boost, so what’s there to question? Just take the compliment and enjoy the attention!

5. Firsts

Escorts are typically rich in dating experience and have likely been with a variety of clients, all of whom like different things. So, it would be quite presumptuous to assume you are your escort’s first in something. That said, spare yourself the need to feel exclusive and just assume that going to a professional date likely means this is not her first rodeo.

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