5 Facts about Sex Youd Want to Know!

Nowadays, it seems as though we have learned enough about sex, orgasms, and physical pleasure. However, given how broad the topic of sex is, there is always a stone unturned in terms of new information.

Exploring sex begins with knowledge and curiosity, and learning new facts about how sex works can be truly eye-opening. What is it about sex that you never knew this far? Here are 5 mind-blowing facts sex youd want to know revolutionize your sex game for good!

The Clitoris is So Much More than an Erogenous Zone!

Physically, the clitoris is a bundle of nerves located inside the vulva, and responsible for shattering orgasms in women. However, the clitoris extends far more than just what you see, and it reaches all the way to the pelvis. The clitoris is also made up of the same tissue as the penis and has 50 times more nerve-endings than the male reproductive organ. Yes, that means a woman’s orgasm is far, far stronger than a man’s.

Sex Youd Want to Know: Pubic Hair Enhances Pleasure!

If you didn’t know that excess pubic hair can boost your sexual climax, you do now. Pubic hair on the vagina can easily stimulate skin sensitivity and tease the clitoris because of the skin-on-skin rubbing. Pubic hair plays an important part in sending impulses of pleasure to the brain during sex, which then helps create a greater arousing sensation.

Cheaper Razors for a Finer Shave!

Believe it or not, cheaper razors can do a better job of shaving your private parts. Multiple-blade razors are great, but sometimes, they can irritate the skin or even worse, cut it. Other times, harsher and supposedly more ‘quality’ razors can also hold more hair between the blades, which can then lead to infections and skin bacteria.  

Sex Youd Want to Know: Sex Drives is a Myth!

Scientifically, sex drive is not a sensation we are born with. Usually, sex drive arises by instinct that keeps us alive and functional and works much like other instincts, such as hunger, thirst, and exhaustion. However, given we live in a society-driven world, sex drive is not essential to our existence, so we basically have it for pleasure and fulfillment only…and that is quite alright with us. 

Sex Youd Want to Know: Working Out Gets a Faster Orgasm!

If you want a stronger, more intense orgasm, one way to get it is to exercise before having sex. When you work out before getting naughty in bed, you boost your adrenaline and testosterone levels, which means you are likely to experience a faster, stronger, and more lasting orgasm.

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