4 Ways to Overcome Sex Shyness!

Sex shyness can happen to all of us, regardless of your experience and practice. That said, being shy in bed can happen for many reasons, and with different partners. At times, reservation during sex stems from you having a poor self-image or wanting to try a new fantasy in bed but not knowing how to present it.

Whatever the reason may be, having great sex doesn’t leave room for shyness or withholding yourself from pleasure. To truly put bedroom discomforts to the side, here are 4 ways to help you become more confident with the kind of lover you are.

1. Identify the Source of Your Insecurities!

What makes you feel ashamed in the first place? Often, past relationships, toxic advice, and trying something new in bed can all contribute to your shyness and reservation. Once your source is identified, analyze the situation without making any changes. Think about your role in bed and talk to your partner or date to find out how they deal with shyness in bed.

2. Sex Shyness: Visualize the Problem and Solution!

Try to imagine someone else in your shoes. How would you advise them to overcome their shyness? When we think of others being in our shoes, we become less critical than when it comes to ourselves. Because of that, it is necessary to get out of your own head and figure out how another person would act in your place.

3. Relax before Getting It On!

Right before you head into action, try to relax and ease your mind. Meditation is a great way to become in tune with your needs and clear your head, and even five minutes of it can help. Also, you can learn different breathing techniques that will bring oxygen to your brain and thus, boost your mood in bed. Aside from the aforementioned, you could also look deep into your feelings and see if there’s anything about your sex life that makes you feel inferior.    

4. Sex Shyness: Making Lovemaking Sounds!

Instead of fearing the way you sound during sex, embrace it! Sexy sounds such as moaning, panting, and heavy breathing are quite normal and necessary to express your pleasure in bed. This is one of the key ways to show your partner that you are enjoying yourself entirely. Bedroom sounds work both ways- just like you enjoy listening to your woman’s pleasure without finding it awkward, so does she.  

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