4 Ways to Have Sex without Penetration!

For most people, having sex typically constitutes penetration. However, aside from the literal ins and outs of the experience, sex is a wide field of options and offers different ways for you to enjoy it.

And, because orgasms and sexual pleasure are not only achieved through penetrative sex, here are 4 other brilliant ways to have sex and still skip ‘the dive’.

Making Out

When was the last time you sexually enjoyed kissing? One of the biggest boosters of sexual excitement, arousal, and drive, making out can really come in handy when you want to do something else in bed. Kissing can be done in all sorts of ways, and it stretches far from just lip-on-lip action.

Feel like kissing alone won’t leave you satisfied? Try adding a little dry humping to your make-out sessions and enjoy every sensation coming your way.

Put Your Hands to Work

Touch plays a key role in creating sexual tension and thrill, and there is more to your hands than just plain clitoral stimulation. Next time you are in bed but want to refrain from penetration, use your fingers to explore a woman’s body, and play with dynamics.

From gentle touching and caressing to nail grazing and soft squeezes, your hands might turn out to be the pleasure-boosting asset you never knew you needed.

Boost Your Oral Skills

Men and women both go crazy for oral pleasure, so feel free to replace your penis moves with some seriously hot tongue moves. Oral sex is different for everyone, so you will likely have to incorporate a bit of sex talk to help you learn how your woman wants to be kissed, touched, and stimulated down below.

Oral sex can be just as good and wild as penetrative sex, so don’t be afraid to do your homework, learn a few new oral techniques and apply them in the bedroom. 


Lo and behold, it is time to play with your favorite sex toys and feel just as good as with penetrative sex. If you haven’t had the chance to try out a new toy without actually proceeding with sex thereafter, now is your chance to master this craft.

With so many toys and options on the market, you can give yourself and your partner some seriously explosive orgasms in all sorts of ways. What’s best, once the toy pleasure kicks in, penetration will be the last thing on your mind. 

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