4 Reasons to Try Tantric Sex!

For more than one reason, tantric sex has been long considered one of the finest arts of making love. The centuries-old practice usually revolves around taking your time during sex and extending your pleasure. However, rarely anyone notes the beneficial aspects that make tantric sex so desirable and efficient.

Tantric sex might seem like an out-of-the-box sexual experience, but interestingly, it takes control over your sexual pleasure, amplifies it, and allows you to connect to your bedroom mate better. If you never tried tantric sex before, here are 4 extraordinary reasons to give it a go.

It Extracts Performance during Sex!

And that is actually a good thing. Tantric sex detaches you from all things you know about sex, whether from movies, magazines, or personal experience. With that, tantric motion gives you a sense of presence in the moment and focuses on building sensations instead of having to work for them hard. When you slow down and actually listen to what your body wants from sex, you are more likely to escape the ‘norm’ of what sex (oftentimes dull sex) should look like.  

It Enhances Communication!

Which then makes it easier for you to manifest your desires and wants during sex. As it turns out, tantric sex helps establish proper sexual communication with your date or partner, which helps you learn more about what you crave in bed. Tantra combines the power of touch and the power of the spoken word in a way that gives without taking the pleasure away.

Connection Happens!

And so does intimacy and closeness and bonding. If you are looking for the perfect sexual scenario where you can grow closer to the person in your bed, tantric sex will do you justice. I mean, quickies are fun and everything, but they don’t do much for igniting that spark of chemistry, whereas tantric sex allows you to connect on a higher physical and emotional level.

It Redefines What Sex is!

Once you get into the bliss that is tantric sex, you will come out of the experience a changed man. Tantric sex has a way to change all your perception of what great sex and the ultimate pleasure mean, and all that through the seemingly simple exploration of your body and senses. If you never looked at sex and lovemaking from another angle, rely on tantra to broaden your horizons. Plus, did we mention it does wonders for your orgasms? Because it does.

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