4 Behaviours Gentlemen Dating Escorts Should Practice!

Dating an elite escort is a privileged and outstanding experience, not meant for just about anyone. Namely, when dating an escort, a classy experience is to be expected, and the client’s role in it is essential. Namely, a client should always bring his A-game when dating a high-end escort and behave appropriately, so here are 4 musts for clients who want an incredible and fulfilling escort date.

Arrive Alone

One of the worst things you can do when meeting an elite escort is to bring company. Unless previously agreed upon with your escort or the escort centre; bringing friends or acquaintances to your date is going to cut your date short. Escorts are very mindful of your privacy as well as theirs; so even if it just to deliver the surprise factor, avoid inviting other parties to your date- and that’s a rule.

In cases where you have a partner who’s also like to enjoy the perks of dating an escort; ensure your chosen date provides couple’s dates, and book accordingly.

Never Offer Someone Else’s Something

When seeing an escort, especially if inviting her to your home or the hotel you’ve been visiting regularly; ensure you never leave another person’s belongings behind, especially female items. Having a spare toothbrush for your escort is okay, but lending her someone else’s things is just rude and intolerable. This can refer to anything from lipstick and slippers to hairbrush, toys, and costumes.

Not Showing Off

Bragging about your escort experience is not the reason why you should make a booking. Whilst an escort can fulfil your fantasies, showing off in front of your friends is disrespectful and honestly, pointless. The point of a high-quality escort experience is to enjoy the unique pleasure on your own; thus maximizing your privacy and exploring all angles of pleasure. Anything that leaves your room is just a spoiler of what could have been a superb bond.

Not Offering a Ride

Even when meant as a nice gesture; offering your escort a ride home or offering to pick her up for your date will not be possible or allowed. Escorts typically have pre-arranged transportation, and some even use drivers. Whether arriving or leaving, an escort will always have a plan ready, and that doesn’t include you and your car. What you can do instead of this, and as a ‘thank you,’ is tip your escort nicely and book her again if the experience was everything you hoped it would be.